Box Hill Relay Information 2021


All the team entries for this weekend’s Box Hill Relays are locked in and it’s going to be an exciting day. There are over 500 teams competing over 13 centres.

The Box Hill Relay Day will be held on Sunday 21st February at Hagenauer Reserve, Barwon St, Box Hill North. This is a great opportunity to run your teams in a competitive and fun environment before Regional Relays. The event is open to all Centres…and entries are via the Centre. Races conditions are controlled by EMR starters.

Your age managers will confirm the teams for each race. For any last minute withdraws or changes please contact your age managers.

Relay Sign Up

Below are important reminders for competition.

  • U8 need to wear the white Saturday t-shirts
  • U9+ need to have the official CMLAC competition uniform. Please purchase a uniform online and pick up from our club rooms tomorrow morning if you have not already done so.
  • All athletes need to report to their age managers 30mins prior to their race and be at the call rooms 15mins before start
  • There will be no race protests this weekend
  • Any team scratches need to be report to the Call Room on the day


1 Min Challenge.

We will select 8 athletes on the day to represent the club in this event.

The minute challenge will consist of two mixed gender events, one Junior – U8,9,10,11 and one Senior U12,13,14,15/16).  Each team is made up of 4 runners, one from each age group, two boys and two girls. Eg: A Junior team example might be; 2 Boys (U8 and U11), 2 Girls (U9 and U10). Flexible running order. The first runner will start off the gun and run for 1 minute, until the next gun. A marker is thrown down to indicate the starting point for the next runner, who has 30sec to start on the next gun. This is repeated for the 3rd and 4th runners.  The team covering the greatest distance after 4 minutes wins the event.


Lastest Information:

      • Relay program for U8-U16 age groups only
      • U8-U11’s will run in the morning (timetable forthcoming)
      • U12-U16’s will run in the afternoon (timetable forthcoming)
      • Mixed sex teams for U12-16’s only 
      • Medley will be a Swedish Medley in line with LAVic requirements (ie 1×100, 1×200, 1×300, 1×400)