CMLAC operates a varied athletics program on Saturdays during summer that is intended to include a varied mix of events and disciplines for all age groups.  Our centre aims to have all athletes complete at least five events on each Saturday morning starting at 8.45am and finishing at 11.00am (approx).  The program is under the control of the Saturday Competition Manager and can change without notice due to inclement weather or scheduling of events (by twitter notification on this website).


On Track … Under 6

To introduce under 6 girls and boys to the athletics, CMLAC runs an On Track program for these age groups that introduces athletes to a range of activities using apparatus such as hoops, rings, softballs and ropes.  The emphasis is on fun and learning at this level.  As the season progresses the U6s are then exposed to the normal Saturday program.

Warm up

Prior to the start of competition a warm up will be held for all athletes, as a proper warm up is important to avoid injuries.  Following warm up, children then proceed with their age groups minders and are guided through their program of events.

Saturday Morning Program

The weekly program is rotational to cover a range of athletic events suitable to each age group.


Program Cancellation

CMLAC uses a grass track and athlete safety is our first priority. Competition may be cancelled at any time due to inclement weather. If it has been raining or if the track is damp, an assessment of the track is made prior to commencement of competition.

Cancellations can therefore only be advised at the normal starting time from the centre. If weather conditions deteriorate during the morning, the Competition Manager may also cancel the competition, and during hot weather the program may be cancelled or events may be shortened to protect athletes.



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This week’s program

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